Druk Rafting Service is managed and led by the team of local enthusiast who are born and brought up just next to the river where rafting adventure is based on (Mo Chu). We know our rivers more than anyone else in this rafting business as this place has been our childhood play field and now it is our workplace.

Being the native of Punakha valley of Bhutanese prime tourism destination we are driven by our country’s economic policy of ‘Gross National Happiness’. As the policy entails we guarantee the best value for money trip at the most affordable price that not only allows you to float down the river but also offers unique chance to enjoy the serene view of the spectacular valley – happiness is guaranteed!

Mr. Tandin Dorji
CEO & Founder


  •   Mo chhu river has the female low flow tributory ans its main male high flow rough tributory. The rafting is done on the female tributory hence not that rough but enjoying.

    thumb Hsanghavi

  •   The Druk crew are kind, efficient, and professional. We had a great time racing another boat and meandering down the river. This trip took us down the more calm Mo Chu and any paddler will find an easy trip. For a more challenging course, the...More

    thumb gentryfunk

  •   It should No 1 in Punakha.Anyone can go here without knowing swimming.We enjoyed here a lot.I would recommend if you visit Punakha you should try this.

    thumb Sowmya_Venkat123

  •   Punakha is warmer than many other parts of Bhutan. After hiking on a warm day, we decided to go on a rafting trip. I wanted to try the more challenging Po Chu (Father) river but our guide talked us into doing the gentler Mo Chu...More

    thumb divermom3

  •   a cold icy water and fun of feeling water on face while racing rapids. river water flowing fast but somewhere due to dip of 30 to 50 feet, water become slow. a best experience in warm weather of punakha

    thumb Sar U

  •   With a professional team of support staff made my adventure a momentous one. We have been using their service since 2012 in Bhutan .

    thumb Tirtha G

  •   It was really very nice and adventurous trip. We hired two boats. You can feel the tide only at the beginning of the rafting. After that most of the time, not too much current in the water. Little expensive though.

    thumb ca_anilgoel

  •   rafting down the Mo Chhu River is just a gentle drift down the mild rapids. Our families and friends at home had conjured up images of us screaming and falling off the inflatable boat. During the off-season, the Druk Rafting Service charges INR1500 which is...More

    thumb Harjeet K

  •   Pre-booking helps in ensuring a raft is available. The rapids were not very abundant, however the ride was very nice and the attendant very obliging. In the high river season the Mo Cho should be attempted and in the low season the Pho Cho could...More

    thumb Gladwyn V

  •   Mochu river is the female river and comparatively gentler than the Pochu River. The Druk Rafting people are professional and ensure complete safety. You will raft by the Punkaha Dzong.

    thumb Swati D

Providing Rafting in Bhutan since 2011!

‘Gross National Happiness’. As the policy entails we guarantee the best value for money trip at the most affordable price that not only allows you to float down the river but also offers unique chance to enjoy the serene view of the spectacular valley – happiness is guaranteed!
Druk Rafting Service

White Water Rafting – Lower Phochu

Lower Phochu, Punakha Location: ...
Druk Rafting Service

Rafting on Mochu River ( Female )

Mochu River Location: Punakha ...
Druk Rafting Service

Rafting in Paro River

Paro River Rafting Location: ...

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Ride in the valley

Royal Enfield Motor Cycle ...

Hero Cycles ( Standard Cycles )

Ride around Punakha Mochu ...


The most of the rivers in Bhutan are very steep and highly rushing with limited road access makes it considerably unsuitable for white water rafting. Only a few rivers are opened for rafting considering their safe course and easy access.

The Pho Chu, with its  approx 10 km course with about 9 rapids of class 2 – 3+ is the most popular for rafting in Bhutan followed by Mo Chu river with 10 Km course comprising around 10 rapids with 1 – 2+ rapids.

Rivers in Bhutan also offer great potential for Kayaking as well. If you are looking for more adventure, we will be happy to customize a suitable Kayaking adventure in Bhutan.

Bhutan River rafting news, opinions, thoughts, and anecdotes

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