Rafting on the Mo Chu | DRUK RAFTING SERVICE

Rafting down the Mo Chhu River is just a gentle drift down the mild rapids. Our families and friends at home had conjured up images of us screaming and falling off the inflatable boat. During the off-season, the Druk Rafting Service charges INR1500 which is quite reasonable for the 10km ride equipped in safety gear like a life-jacket, helmet, paddle and even crocs to get into the boat. We took two boats and stepped in with much trepidation and excitement.

Our rafting guide, Pasang, put us through the paces before letting us on to the boat. He was a storehouse of information and pointed out all the buildings, the birds, ducks called love birds and even pointed out some cute little otters that popped up. He even sang a romantic Bollywood ballad for us. Other than an adrenalin rush the spectacular visual extravaganza of the verdant alpine mountains with the awesome flora and fauna that unfolds downstream is worth every penny. Pasang told us that between the two rivers-“Mochuu and Pochuu, the Pochuu or male river was more aggressive and when it meets Mochuu downstream it is subdued as usual, as most women dominate the male”, the much-married Pasang shared his wisdom!


Druk Rafting Service

Rivers are calling, we must go... Get wet and have fun. Life is simple, all you need is just add water to it ...!