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We provide wide range of
rafting services.

Druk Rafting Service is managed and led by the team of local enthusiast who are born and brought up just next to the river where rafting adventure is based on (Mo Chu). We know our rivers more than anyone else in this rafting business as this place has been our childhood play field and now it is our workplace.

Our Client loves us because of our quality work.

      Mo chhu river has the female low flow tributory ans its main male high flow rough tributory. The rafting is done on the female tributory hence not that rough but enjoying.

    thumb Hsanghavi

      With a professional team of support staff made my adventure a momentous one. We have been using their service since 2012 in Bhutan .

    thumb Tirtha G

      Mochu river is the female river and comparatively gentler than the Pochu River. The Druk Rafting people are professional and ensure complete safety. You will raft by the Punkaha Dzong.

    thumb Swati D

      The flow was not rough and swift enough in the river, to bring in the thrill factor. However, the tide for more than an hour was relaxing. Due to shallow condition of water in the river, only 6 people were allowed per boat. The price...More

    thumb Ganesh J